Hi! I'm Sophie Ladder,
and I make custom link page sites for sex workers.

Having a single place you can direct your fans to is excellent for funneling them to your stores, and being able to put it on your own domain is even better!

The existing link page sites have decent free options, I'm not here to compete with that, but all their paid options are too expensive. They restrict you to their own URL, and then on top of that they have the audacity to put their own logo on your page? Naw, I'm not into that.

There are plenty of web hosts out there, with a dizzying array of options. These too, I find to be too expensive for what the average person will be using them for.

And lastly, there's always the peace of mind knowing your webdeveloper is a sex-worker, and the webhost I use is sex work friendly.


How long does it take for you to make a site?

I'm just one person, so I'm unable to make any specific promises as it all depends on what my schedule is like. In general I try to keep a fast turnaround, and for a links-only site I can often get it up the next day. For full designs it may take closer to a week.

Who owns my web domain?

If you choose to go with my service to host your site at, I consider the domain to be yours. If you ever want to take control of the domain to use it for something else I will happily transfer it to you.

What about my site design?

Part of my fee is to design the site for you, so the design is yours to take if you ever wish to host it elsewhere.

What if I already own my domain?

If you already own your domain, I'm able to host a link site there at a reduced cost (minus the domain costs, since you'll be covering those). You'll just need to edit the DNS records to point to the site I created, something I can walk you through.

What if I want to upgrade my service?

If you want to go from a lower tier service to a higher tier service let me know and we can easily do so. You'll basically pay the prorated difference.